Gallery of Invited Speakers
Advanced Laser Applications in Biomedicine
Victor Bagratashvili
Institute of Laser and Information Technologies RAS, Troitsk, Russia
Surface selective laser sintered bioresorbable scaffolds for tissue engineering
Ilya Berishvili
Bakoulev Center for Cardiovascular Surgery RAMS, Moscow, Russia
New laser applications for cardiosurgery
Tiberio Ceccotti
Atomic Energy Committee, Saclay Research Center, France
Laser accelerated protons and electrons in medical applications: two different approaches to tumor treatment
Boris Chichkov
Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V., Germany
Laser-based nanoengineering for biomedical applications
Dan Dumitras
Department of Lasers, National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Bucharest, Romania
Laser photoacoustic spectroscopy for exhaled biomarker measurements
Felix Feldchtein
Dental Photonics Inc., Norwood, USA
Microbeams in laser dentistry and surgery - From drug delivery to pain-free tooth drilling
Yuji Fukuda
Photo-Medical Research Center, Kansai Photon Science Institute,
Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan
Novel path towards compact laser ion accelerators for hadron therapy:
Tenfold energy increase in laser-driven multi-MeV ion generation using a cluster-gas target
Mark Gelfond
N.N.Petrov Institute of oncology, Russia
Combination of dendritic cells (DC) vaccine and photodynamic therapy (PDT) shows promising results in patients with disseminated melanoma
Andrei Kabashin
Mediterranean University/CNRS, France
Laser-assisted nanofabrication for biological sensing, imaging and therapeutics applications
Alexander Krasnovsky
A.N. Bach Institute of Biochemistry RAS, Moscow, Russia
Singlet oxygen and mechanisms of biological action of laser radiation
Ronald Sroka
Ludwig-Maximilians University, Germany
Advances in clinical laser applications - Urology and phlebology
Herbert Stepp
Laser-Research Center, Munich University, Germany
Whole bladder wall white light PDT for the treatment of bladder
Yury Vladimirov
Moscow State University, Russia
Mechanisms of biostimulating action of low-power laser and LED radiation